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 Bellevue Yacht Club 

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Founded in 1990, we are one of the premier cruising yacht clubs in the Pacific Northwest.  With thirteen cruises a year, we are certainly the most active.  Most of our members live in the Seattle area, however this is by no means a prerequisite to join Bellevue Yacht Club.

If you enjoy boating, are new to boating or just want to find out more, please browse around the site or just submit a membership application.


Home2020 Cruise Schedule


  Behold the 2020 cruising season. 

Come to a few cruises or come to them all. Just make sure to sign up.
Rain or shine, it’s always a great time with the BYC.

Don't forget there are opportunities to host cruises. Hosting is fun plus you don’t have to do it alone. Co-hosting is encouraged and so is the KISS method (Keep It Simple Silly).
Remember you have a budgeted allowance to work & host with. 
For cruises, PLEASE if you have a 5% chance of going, sign up. Its easier to cancel up to 2 weeks before the cruise than try to squeeze in last minute. The only place that asks for full payment when reserving your slip is Gig harbor.


You’ll notice an addition to the upcoming year labeled “pop up cruises” (in both northern waters and close to home waters, salt or lake) that have no date. It will be as simple as “We’re heading to (destination) for the weekend, C’mon over and raft up if you’re free”. They will be anchored events and organized through the fleet captain. So if you are interested in setting one up please let me (fleet captain) know. Let’s not leave out the exciting scheduled cruises we have lined up all year long. 


I do not have Facebook but there are plenty who do that are willing to blast out a “pop up” message. For those who don't an email or text can be sent.


Please feel free to reach out anytime for information regarding hosting, cruising & pop ups.

2020 Fleet Captain: Elizabeth Bartolomei (






January 3-5 Kingston
Weisberg/Price  Kingston Cruise 
Fleet captain will handle slip assignments

February 21-23

Poulsbo Tom and Liz Bartolomei

Poulsbo Cruise
Fleet captain will handle slip assignments
March 20-22 Tacoma/Dock Street   Tacoma/Dock Street
Members NEED to make slip reservations

April 17-19

Gig Harbor/
Arabella's Landing
Herman Gig Harbor Cruise
Members NEED to make slip reservations 
and pre pay

May 2 TBD Opening Day N/A 

May 15-17
Langley   Langley/ Port of Whidbey
Fleet captain will handle slip assignments & reservations

June 12-14

Pleasant Harbor   Pleasant Harbor Resort Marina
Fleet captain will handle slip assignments & reservations
July 17-19 Port Ludlow Port Ludlow Cruise
Members NEED to make slip reservations 
August 7-9* Roche Harbor   ROCHE HARBOR RESORT MARINA
Fleet captain will handle reservations
September 18-20 Des Moines Hess/Remley  Des Moines Marina
Fleet captain will handle reservations
October 16-18*              
Bell Harbor 
"Halloween Cruise"

Bell Harbor Cruise
Members Need to make slip reservations
November 13-15 Edmonds

December TBD

Holiday Party 
January 8-10, 2021 Kingston

"Pop up" cruises throughout the year

* denotes "Signature Cruise"