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Bellevue Yacht Club





 Home Port: Newport Yacht Basin- Bellevue, WA





Founded in 1990, we are one of the premier yacht clubs in the Pacific North West.  With thirteen cruises a year, we are certainly the most active.  Most of our members live on the Eastside, however this is by no means a prerequisite.  If you enjoy boating, are new to boating or just want to find out more, please browse around the site, and don't forget to contact us for more information!

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Who should join the Bellevue Yacht Club? 

  • Active boaters of all levels of experience, ages and family size
  • Owners of any power boat suitable for cruising Puget Sound
  • People interested in getting to know new people and make friends who share their interest in boating
  • New boaters seeking the knowledge and safety of cruising with a group
  • Those seeking to get out on their boat more often
  • Those seeking an informal but very active cruising experience


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Here are what some new members to BYC are saying after joining:


"My enjoyment and usage of my boat has increased ten-fold since joining BYC"

“We've been using our boat year-round since joining BYC...we love being a part of the club and using our boat so much!"

"As a new boater, cruising with other members has given me confidence and made it easy to go places I might have not have gone to for years!"


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If you have questions or would like to join us as a guest at our next event, please contact our Rear Commodore, Sandy Dupleich at We hope to hear from you!

Summer 2014 update.  Could we have asked for better weather?  The south sound poker run was a huge hit and could become an annual cruise event.  4th of July Wagon Wheel and lets not forget the "Price Is Right" cruise.  Up next is Brownsville and in October Halloween in Edmonds.BYC Latest

Happy New Year to all boaters! BYC's 2014 cruise calendar is now live so have a look and mark your calendars accordingly. If you're a guest visiting our site, we encourage you to take a look at our Member Benefits and to contact us with any other questions you have. We look forward to seeing members and new boaters out on the water!
Our annual holiday party was a huge success!  More than half of the club's members showed up ready to eat, drink and be merry. Congratulations to the new bridge officers voted in for 2014 and a big thank-you to the out-going bridge officers of 2013. Happy holidays to everyone from BYC!
Fall boating with the club has been a lot of fun. We had a great turnouts at both the October and November cruises. Looking forward to seeing decorate BYC boats in the many holiday parades on the water next month.
Summer 2013
The club has been so busy boating that this front page of the site has not been updated in a while.  Of course, our private Facebook page has been filled with stories and photos from everyone's cruising adventures. The club had our annual Wagon Wheel on Andrews Bay, a fun cruise to Port Townsend, an awesome time at Roche Harbor, and, most recently, a fun Italian-themed cruise to Des Moines.
The great weather continued with our cruise to Port Ludlow. Our hosts did a great job with the Solstice Fiesta and the water golf game was enjoyed by all. A fantastic weekend for a cruise!
The weather for Opening Day had to be the best we've had in years!  We had 11 boats in the BYC section of the boom and we all had a great time. Thank you to those who volunteered to help with "log-boom-dinghy-duty" so that our club could have it's own section on the boom. The races were fun to watch, the parade was great and the sun was that's boating! 
We got all types of weather for our cruise to Blake island. Saturday was really windy so we flew kites and enjoyed a nice hike. It started raining just after dinner and right as the kids were digging up buried treasure. Sunday was cold in the morning but then the sun came out and we all had a beautiful cruise home. 
Our Mardi Gras themed weekend at Gig Harbor was a big success! Although we had a fair amount of wind for much of the weekend, we only got rain on Saturday making cruising there and back a little nicer. Plus, the sun made a few appearances which we all enjoyed. The mask making contest was enjoyable for all ages and the variety of dishes at the potluck was a delicious treat as well. Finishing the evening with a round of Karaoke was the perfect touch. 
The club loves Poulsbo since we visit every February. This year, we did a photo contest with everyone voting for a winner at the potluck dinner. Who knew we had so many great photographers! The kids did fun crafts and the adults ate too much chocolate. Overall, it was another fun cruise.
Happy New Year! Boy did we have a great new year's cruise to Kingston. Our hosts provided perfect prime rib and amazing appetizers.  Plus, the port of Kingston had an amazing display of lights for everyone to enjoy. Best of all, the weather was perfect! No rain, no wind and plenty of sun. We're looking forward to another great year of cruising with BYC!
It was sunny but cold (very cold!) for our cruise to Port Orchard. We had a great turnout, probably because our hosts provided Alaskan king crab for everyone! It was so good that a few members even took the ferry over just to make the dinner event. We had light rain on the way home but it was a scenic cruise and everyone got to go through the small locks since the large locks were closed for maintenance.
Our cruise to Brownsville was a big success. We only had rain at night while we were sleeping. The rest of the time, we had partly sunny skies...nice!  The Halloween portion of the cruise included pumpkin carving and a costume party...with lots of prizes. We also had a lot of trick or treaters this year going boat to boat. Luckily, all boats had candy onboard so no eggs were thrown. The potluck dinner was great--as usual, we had plenty of food for everyone...even pumpkin pie!
Bell Harbor was one of our best attended cruises this year! The weather was perfect the entire weekend and our hosts did a great job while changing things up a bit.  We're hoping the Waffle bar becomes an annual tradition. A lot of folks gave the new Ferris wheel a try and all who rode it seemed impressed.  Others rooted for the Huskies but we all came together for a great Potluck dinner on the docks. A great way to wrap up the summer! 
Our annual cruise to Roche Harbor was amazing. We had a great turnout. The weather was incredible and our hosts outdid themselves with fun activities and great food. Watching our bridge take part in the Colors ceremony is a great tradition and watching them jump in the water afterwards puts a smile on everyone's face.
Our Pleasant Harbor cruise was well attended and a ton of fun!  Our hosts went with an Olympics theme and the events were fun to watch as well as participate in.  The salmon dinner was excellent...three different but delicious toppings to choose from! We did have some wind but that ended up providing lots of good stories of the journey. 
Boy did we have a great time at the Wagon Wheel in Andrews Bay! It was hot and sunny, just how we like it.  Lots of fun with water toys and the dinghy parade was another huge hit with the entire bay...lots of waves and horn honks. The Splash Dance smoothie bar was a fun treat on Sunday morning as well. 
A fun time was had in Edmonds. The little bit of rain gave us a beautiful rainbow to enjoy. Summer cruising is just around the corner with our Wagon Wheel and Pleasant Harbor! 
We had good weather for most of our cruise to Bremerton. The parade was great and the food prepared by our hosts was too.  The girls enjoyed their spa day and the boys compared notes on all the new folding bikes. Sunday was a little wet, but still a fun adventure with the club.
After a wet Friday on the log boom, Opening Day turned out to be a fantastic event! The weather cleared up and the crew races and parade were excellent.  We all stayed until Sunday and the weather just kept getting better. It was hard to leave!
I hope you didn't miss our Blake Island cruise because everything was perfect! Perfect weather, perfectly cooked steaks, and even a full breakfast on Sunday morning with pancakes, sausage, and eggs scrambled to perfection.  All the kids found treasure maps and they all managed to dig up buried treasure on Saturday evening. The treasure for the parents was, of course, seeing the smiles on their faces.
Those who were not able to attend our March cruise to Gig Harbor were GREEN with was a great St. Patrick's Day celebration!  The sun made brief appearances and a good time was had by all. Now we're looking forward to our first Dock Party of the year on April 6th! See you there!
Happy Valentine's Day! We sure had a wonderful cruise to Poulsbo this past weekend. Although it was windy on Saturday, we didn't really get any rain and Sunday was very pleasant for our cruise home. Our hosts did an incredible job with the food, decorations and games. Poulsbo is such a great spot--we look forward to returning again next year!
Happy New Year! We had a FANTASTIC turnout at Brownsville and our hosts provided a lot of fun for everyone. The ho-down was a huge hit as was the food! Plus, the swap-meet on Saturday let everyone get rid of their old boring junk, while taking home fun new junk! Great idea BYC!

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